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Hello and Welcome to How to Make Real Money Online. Look at what you Love to do. Find a way to earn real money online from it (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales). Build an easy-to-use website, Facebook page, Twitter account or Youtube channel. Use search engines, PTC, PTP, PTR and traffic exchanges to drive traffic to your site. Establish an expert reputation for yourself. Follow up with your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube with posts or your customers with e-mails. Increase your income from suggested purchases. I will be discussing several different ways to earn money online.You need to treat this as a real business with real time involved and if you want to grow faster, maybe a little money also. If you need cash you can earn some from some of the sites listed on this page. I have several sites and I divide my time between them each day.

Using the menu bar above you can read up or watch videos on all Get Paid To (GPT) sites like, Paid to Click (PTC), Paid to Read (PTR), Paid to Signup (PTS), Paid to Promote (PTP), Offer walls, Tasks, Traffic Exchanges, Affiliate Marketing, Auto Responders, Email lists, List Building, Blogs, Web Site Builders, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Making Videos, Paid Surveys, eBook author and many, many more . Some websites cross between multiple types of programs. Some may have PTC, PTR, PTP, Offer walls, Tasks, and Traffic Exchange all in one.

And there are many SCAM sites out there also. You need to follow someone that has been successful with the program before you join. I use several different types at the same time. I have built and programmed all my web sites myself with help from the web and videos.